Virgin PVC Granules

PVC Granules. We are Offering you a complete choice of products which include pvc black granules, extrusion pvc granule, coloured pvc granules, soft pvc granule, rigid pvc granules and virgin pvc granule.


Virgin PVC Granules

Virgin PVC Granules for sale. We are offering PVC prime resin including K-65 and K-67. If you need other specifications.

Please contact us with your Prime PVC resin requirements. 

Or K value76-7574-7372-7170-6968-6665-6362-6059-55
Or Average degree of polymerization1785-15361535-13711350-12501250-11501100-1000950-850750-650740-650
Foreign Particle30max30max30max30max30max30max40max40max
Volatile Matter%0.4max0.4max0.4max0.4max0.4max0.4max0.4max0.4max
Apparent Densityg/ml0.42min0.42min0.42min0.45min0.45min0.45min0.45min0.45min
Particle size0.25mm Sieve%2.0max2.0max2.0max2.0max2.0max2.0max2.0max2.0max
0.063mm Sieve90min90min90min90min90min90min90min90min
No. of fish eye/400cm240 max40 max40 max40 max40 max50 max50 max50max
Plasticizer absorption of 100g resing25min25 min25min22 min17min15min14min14min
VCM Residueppm10 max10 max10 max10 max10 max10 max10 max10max



  1. PVC soft products

It can be made of hoses, cables, wires, plastic sandals, shoes, slippers, toys, auto parts etc.

  1. PVC film

The transparent film can be used for greenhouses, plastic greenhouses and plastic film mulch. It can also be used for packaging bags, raincoat, table cloth, curtains, inflatable toys etc.

  1. PVC coated products

Can be used to make leather luggage, purses, book covers, sofa and car seat,etc. As well as floor covering, flooring materials for buildings.

  1. PVC foam products

Can be used for foam slippers, sandals, insoles, and anti-vibration cushioning packaging material, Rigid PVC sheet and profiles, it is a new building material.