Virgin PP Granules/Recycled PP Granules


Virgin PP Granules/Recycled PP Granules

Virgin PP Granules. Polypropylene is an economical material that offers a combination of outstanding physical, mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties not found in any other thermoplastic. It has low moisture absorption, is resistant to staining, and has a light weight. Polypropylene is recognized for its light weight as it is less dense than water. This material is also noted for its excellent chemical resistance in corrosive environments. Polypropylene provides excellent resistance to organic solvents, degreasing agents, and electrolytic attack.

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(2.16kg,230 C)
BCF and CF multifilament, medium- low denier staple yarn, trilobe sectionsMedium gas – fading resistance.11
Wool staple fiber, heavy denier CF multifilament.General purpose with high gas – fading resistance.12
Fine denier staple fibers for non-woven, thermo-bonded fabrics. Feminine care products, medical disposables and filters.Outstanding spin ability, superior thermo-bonded properties & excellent anti-gas fading properties12
Wool staple fiber, heavy denier CF, multifilament for ropes, belts & straps and decorative ribbons.Good process ability & constant, high flow during extrusion.12
Fine denier staple fibres, thermo-bonded non-woven fabrics, upholstery and hygiene, Diapers, incontinence pads, feminine care.Good flow, medium MWD.18
Fine denier staple fibres, thermo-bonded non-woven fabrics, upholstery and hygiene, Diapers, incontinence pads, feminine care.Good flow, Medium MWD, Anti gas fading18
Short & long spinning, low denier staple fiber, BCF and CF multifilament, low denier staple fibres for non-woven fabrics, medical-sanitary applications and wipes, carpet face yarns , backpacks, big bag handles and safety belts.High flow, medium MWD. High stretch ratio and gives tough and resilient fibres and Anti gas fading 25
Fine denier cotton staple fiber, high speed short spinning operations. Coating of woven PP film yarn fabrics and paper coating. Injection molding  for household articles, toys and packaging.High flow, medium MWD. 35
(2.16kg,230 C)
Low denier CF for spun bonding, non-woven fabrics, diapers, medical and sanitary tissues.Spun-bond grade with very narrow MWD and very high speed production.25
Low denier CF for spun bonding, non-woven fabrics, diapers, medical and sanitary tissues. High output and high tenacity fibers.High fluidity spun-bond grade with very narrow MWD and anti-gas Fading performance. 35
Fine denier non-woven such as Non-woven fabrics for industrial and medical applications. Backing and lining for furniture and carpet industries. Virgin PP GranulesVery high flow spun bond grade with narrow MWD. 38
(2.16kg,230 C)
Injection molding of wheels, fittings and high performance items are other application.Excellent process ability on tubular lines, slip agent modified1.8
Technical items such as cops & clothes-pinsParticular molding purpose.0.7
Appliance components, textile bobbins, wheels, fitting, closures, caps.High stiffness and good impact strength, excellent process ability.1.8
Technical items such as parts for small appliances & automotive industry. House wares, caps, closures, small containers, toys. It is also used for compoundingHigh stiffness & fairly good impact strength with good process ability.3.2
Household articles, small containers, crates, garden furniture, stadium seats, toys, caps, closures. Components for appliances & automotive industry.Easy processing & high stiffness. 6
Household articles, food containers, crates, garden furniture, toys, caps, closures. Components for appliances & automotive industry.Easy processing & high stiffness.8
Consumer goods such as food containers, vacuum flasks, flower pots, garden furniture & small appliances. In the medical sector It can be used for 3-part syringes & a wide range of health care items.Good flow, good dimensional stability & high stiffness.12
Thin-walled articles with long flow path such as containers, boxes, caps, closures. Polymer base for compounding & master batches.Good flow & easy module filling & short cycle Times and high stiffness. 16
Syringes and hospital articlesSuitable for medical gamma rays sterilization. 25
Thin-walled containers & general purpose packaging items, vacuum flasks, kitchen articles. Compounding & master batches.Very good process ability and high stiffness.26
Thin-walled items such as videocassette boxes & small appliances.High melt flow homo-polymer with a narrow molecular weight distribution and optimum antistatic properties. 35
(2.16kg,230 C)
Pressure pipes, extruded and cast sheet.Excellent long-term heat ageing and detergents resistance. High mechanical properties 0.3
Technical extrusion for strapping, sheet, profiles, nets and small diameter pipes such as refills for ball pens. Blow molding small and medium sized containers.Excellent process ability with an outstanding mechanical properties balance.0.7
Extruded sheet, blow molded technical items (such as tanks).Excellent long-term heat stability with detergent resistance. 1.8
Thermoforming such as drinking beakers, packaging for dairy products, nursery flower pots& trays for fruits, biscuits & chocolates .Film yarn, both with cast and tubular process, mono filaments, Strapping, extruded nets, blow molded small containers.Excellent process ability with high stiffness.1.8
Hot fill applications and thermoforming vending cups, blister packs, pots for dairy products and trays for biscuits, chocolates, and fruits. Virgin PP GranulesVery high stiffness, excellent contact clarity, high gloss and good antistatic & Excellent organoleptic properties. 2
Sheet for thermoforming. Vending cups, packaging for dairy products, trays for biscuits, chocolates and fruits. Co-extruded multilayer sheet with high barrier properties to produce retortable containers.High stiffness, excellent process ability, good contact clarity and high gloss.