Used Rail Scrap R50-R65 For Sale

Used Rail Scrap R50-R65
Standards – Used Rails ISRI R50 – R65
Quantity – 50,000 MT to 100,000 MT

-Packing Loose In Bulk, Tied In Bundles With Hooks

– Break Bulk of Container

Individual packages that do not exceed 5 MTW.




Used Rail Scrap R50-R65

Used Rail Scrap R50-R65 For sale. The chemical composition is the standard for original R-50 R-65 Tee rails weighing 50 pounds per yard or more, 6 meters long and length customize as per customer requirement. Material to be rolled into bars and shapes.


Quality Used Rail Scrap R50-R65 For Sale

The quality of the Goods delivered under this agreement shall meet the specification


Specification and Chemical Composition

Second quality used railway


Rail steel No.01 Standard Section Tee rails, original weight 50 pounds per yard, over heavier,

12.50M rails.

Steel No.02 Cropped rail ends, Standard Section, original weight 50 pounds per yard and over

12.50 M long.

28B) (28C) Rail


– Steel No.2 T-Rail ends Standard Section

– Original weight 50 pounds per yard and over 12.50 per yard and over 12.50 meters

Rail, Steel No.03, Standard Section fee, Gender, and/or guard rails, free from frog and switch

Used Rail Scrap R50-R65 For Sale, not cut apart, and contain no Manganese, Cast, Welds or Attachment any kind except

angle parts. Also, rails not found and without radiation and explosive substance.

*(R50/R65) Chemical composition shall be according to:


R50 GOST 7173.75 WEIGHT 51.67 KG/METER

Mn: 0.60% – 1.05%

C: 0.54 – 0.82%

Si: 0.18% – 0.40%

S: 0.04% – Max

P: 0.035% Max of mass share

AS: 0.01 Mix of max share


R65 GOST 8156.75 WEIGHT 64,72 KG/METER

C: 0.54%_0.82%

Si: 0.18%_0.40%

Mn: 0.60%_1.05%

S: 0.04%_Max

P: 0.035% Max of mass share

AS: 0.01 Mix of max share

Size & Weight:

Length: 12meter ~ 12.5meter Maximum or less according to buyer’s instruction;

Width: 5.5 inches; Weight: 64.72Kg. No fishplates or steel pieces or bolts are attached to the used rails. All rails are clean and straight. No pitting. Only atmospheric rust. No heavy rust. It is mandatory that Rails must be cut into length 1.2 meter (max.) before shipment. Used Rail Scrap R50-R65 For Sale.

  1. Packing Used Rail Scrap R50-R65 For Sale: Container or Bulk Shipment.
  2. Inspection: Inspection will be carried out by SGS or any reputed inspection agency for quality and quantity/weights at the load port. A certificate issued by the inspecting agency will form part of documents along with B/L, Invoice etc. Also cargo inspection by SGS or a reputed inspection agency will be carried out at the destination port on arrival and a report to the effect will be issued.

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