Sorted Office Paper (SOP)

We are engaged in making available a comprehensive range of Waste Paper Scrap. The offered range is extensively used to make new items such as beautiful envelopes, greeting cards, paper bags, books and notepads. These paper scraps are also free from impurities and other attachments. Our range is strictly checked on variegated parameters in order to ensure the offered range is at par with international quality standards and norms.


Sorted Office Paper (SOP)

Sorted Office Paper (SOP) Grade #37
Consists of paper, as typically generated by offices, containing primarily white and coloured groundwood-free paper, free of unbleached fiber. May include a small percantage of groundwood computer printout and facsimile paper
Prohibitive materials may not exceed 1%
Total outthrows may not exceed 5%
EUROPEAN STANDART EN 643 CODE:2.06 Ordinary sorted colured letters
Paper, as typically generated by offices, shredded or unshredded, lightly printed, mass coloured paper allowed, but no deep coloured papers, with a minumum of %70 wood-free paper, free of carbon and principally free of carbonless copy paper(CCP)/no carbon required(NCR), free of manila envolopes, file covers, newspapers and carboard.
Non-paper components maximum 1%
Total unwanted material maximum 2%
Moisture content: not exceed 12% (all papers must be packed air dry and indoor warehouse).
Packing: Pack in bales, weight 20-23MT per 40HQ container

Quantities of Paper both scrap in bales & no scrap as below:  
  1. Old Corrugated Cartons (OCC)
  2.  Double Sorted Old Corrugated Cartons (DSOCC)
  3.  Over Issue News Paper (OINP)
  4. Old Newspaper (ONP)
  5. Yellow Pages or Telephone Directory
  6. Sorted Office Paper (SOP)
  7. Sorted White Ledger (SWL)
  8. Hard White Envelope Cuttings (HWEC)
  9.  Hard White Shavings (HWS)
  10.  Virgin White Tissue Waste Paper
  11. Coated Soft White Shaving (SWS)
  12. Bleached Polycups Stock
  13. Flyleaf Shavings
  14. Computer Print Out (CPO)
  15. Envelope Cuttings
  16. Mixed Waste Paper (MWP)

Our Mission at Teka Scrap LTD is to offer products like Sorted White Ledger (SWL), Virgin White Tissue Waste Pape, Hard White Envelope Cutting Waste Paper (HWEC), HWS (Hard White Shavings) Grade #30, and Mixed Waste Paper (MWP).