Silicone Rubber Scrap For Sale

Silicone Scrap Specifications:
Gray Color
Very Consistent in grade, color and quality
Mostly Pressure Cured, Low % Uncured Raw
Quantity: 3,000 Tons per Month Approximately
Origin: Turkey
Material will be used for: Recycling


Silicone Rubber Scrap

Silicone Rubber Scrap For Sale. Waste Silicone rubber Silicone rubber offers good resistance to extreme temperatures, being able to operate normally from −100 to 300 °C (−148 to 572 °F). Some properties such as elongation, creep, cyclic flexing, tear strength, compression set, dielectric strength (at high voltage), thermal conductivity, fire resistance and in some cases tensile strength can be—at extreme temperatures—far superior to organic rubbers in general, although a few of these properties are still lower than for some specialty materials.

We export Silicone Rubber Scrap from our organization. We are proud to collect & recycle all sorts of Silicone Rubber Scrap from various sources. We can sell Silicone rubber materials like industrial Silicone Waste, Silicone Rubber, obsolete inventory, Remote Keypads, etc. We collect obsolete silicone past shelf-life materials and off-spec products through various silicone manufacturers.

We welcome customers from genuine Silicone Rubber Scrap buyers in the Asia Pacific and Europe to quote us on LC payments and CIF shipping.  You us Silicone Scrap at leading prices, kindly contact us with location, inspections, and current pricing details.

We believe our years of experience within this industry will help us answer all of your questions and take care of all of your needs.

Here’s an example of the format we might use to list our products and rates: 

Silicon Chunk ( for solar and semiconductor)

Silicon ingot leftover ,top & tail / pot scrap / end piece/ chip (for solar)

Silicon accessories , round target / focus ring (for solar)

Silicon finished ingot , non-grounded / grounded (for solar and semiconductor)

Silicon scrap wafer,  whole or broken pieces ,clean or coated (for solar and semiconductor)

Silicon wafer, clean room grade ( for semiconductor)