Ship Breaking Yellow Brass Scrap


Ship Breaking Yellow Brass Scrap

Ship Breaking Yellow Brass Scrap.  It is composed of brass cutting billet, broken extruded product and broken forged product with less than 0.75% of tin + iron. Aluminum, manganese, synthetic products, gun metal and high tin alloy should not be included.

High cold forgeability and hot workability used for zipper, wires, bendings, plates, etc.
EDM Wire, Zipper, Rivet, Machinery and Electric Parts, etc.
Alloy No.Composition, wt. %
C2700C2700063.0 ~
C2720C2720062.0 ~
C2800C2800059.0 ~ 63.016.0 ~ 22.00.07Rem.
Alloy No.Standard NumberTemperDiameter (mm)Tensile Strength (Mpa)Enlongation (%)Hardness (HRB)
C2700C27000KSD5101F6 ~29530
O6 ~ 7529540
1/2H6 ~ 5035520
H6 ~ 20410
C2800C36000KSD5101F6 ~31525
O6 ~ 7531535
1/2H6 ~ 5031515
H6 ~ 20450

Honey YELLOW BRASS SCRAP is composed of brass casting products with plated brass included, rolled products, wire rods, pipes and other yellow brass. Manganese bronze, aluminum bronze, various radiators or radiator parts, iron and excessively dirty or corroded products should be excluded.

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