Polyurethane PU Foam Scrap

Produt Name
PU foam scrap
Place of Origin
Denisty Range
20 to 30% kg/m3(We will advise you according to your needs)
Clean and dry
Foam Skins
0% to 100% for choose
Renbond foam mattress,bedding, pillow, Insoles, sports padding, carpet padding,carpet underlay or used for the production of
shredded foam for pillow fillings, cushion fillings, toy fillings


Polyurethane PU Foam Scrap

Polyurethane PU Foam Scrap For Sale. We are a reliable exporter and supplier of pu foam scrap (grade a). Polyurethane foam scrap can be supplied in bulk quantity to plastic recycling units and others at pocket friendly price. Pu foam scrap can be availed in sorted .

All from foam factories directly, in compressed by bales, new, clean and dry, without hard skin and fabric as well as the mixed material, yellow scrap foam.

Material : PU
Density : 40-200kg/m3

1.Sound Insulation
2.Recycling PU Foam
3.High quality material
4.Can be used in cushion,carpet underlay,mattress,car component,toys,etc

We customized according buyer’s specification.

AA Grade Polyurethane PU Foam Trim Scrap foam

Scrap Foam Detailed Description:

All from our factories directly and nearby. clean and dry, without hard skin, water, garbage, fabric. They are all new pu foam.


Loading Quantity: 40″High cube containers can loaded no less than 25000kgs

Main usage PU Foam Scrap:

The Polyurethane foam scrap is mostly used for the production of recycled foam for furniture, mattress, bedding, pillow, insoles, sports padding, carpet padding and carpet underlay or used for the production of shredded foam for pillow fillings, cushion fillings, toy

As the manufacturer and exporter, we are available to supply foam scraps and various sponges which are made under very strict manufacturing process and quality control.

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