Copper Wire Scrap Millberry 99.99%

99.99% Pure Copper Scrap Wire Millberry/Cables

b.Non Insulated

c.Not Burnt



f.Free of tin, lead, zinc, aluminum, iron, other metallic impurities, insulation and other foreign contamination.


Copper Wire Scrap Millberry 99.99%

Copper Wire Scrap Millberry 99.99%. Our copper comes from the best places in the world, with finest quality. Ensured by our partners in the most important markets of copper in the world.

Below its our quotation for Copper wire scrap,Copper millberry scrap;

CONTENT: 99.80– 99.99%
DIAMETER: 0.25MM TO 0.5MM , 0.5MM TO 0.9MM , 1MM TO 2MM
CARBON: 0.03%
COBLET: <0.001
IRON: 0.005%
SULPHUR: <0, 01%
ZINC: 0.003%

Origin: Republic of South-Africa

Minimum Order: 25MT

Capacity: 3000MT/month

Tensile strength: 1000 N/mm2, 900 N/mm2, 500 N/mm2, 450 N/mm2, N/mm2

Packing: shrink wrapped+carton+pallet to resist moisture, quake, and corrosion.

Production Features:
1. Our Copper Wire Scrap is High purity, fine organization.

2. Low oxygen levels. Without porosity/ trachoma/ osteoporosis

3. Very good conductivity and thermal conductivity, good plastic,easy to hot and cold pressure processing.

4. Application
Copper Wire Scrap can be used in Electric wire, Cable, Brushes, Special electric spark electrical products,Terminal printing electrical road board, Wire with bronze belt, Air cushion cover, Converge-wires terminals. Electromagnetic switch, Pen container, House root plate,transformer etc.

We operate a copper wire scrap yard division, where we have good quality grades of copper wire scrap for sale. Whether you are looking for where to buy scrap copper and you want to buy a ton or a trailer load, our segregated scrap copper recycling packages are processed and packaged to exact customer specifications for foundries, copper wire, and specialty consumers.

Our experienced 24/7 technical support, rapid on time delivery and export to anywhere in the world has given us the reputation as a reliable supplier of scrap metal, scrap copper wire. Customers can rely on us for current copper prices and copper price per ton.