Cast Iron Scrap

  • Cast Iron Tubs
  • Cast Iron Sinks
  • Cast Iron Pipes (Generally older pipes and black in color)
  • Old Fireplace grates
  • Cast Iron Radiators


Cast Iron Scrap

Cast Iron Scrap for sale. Free from mud, dust, fluff, non ferrous inclusions, excessive rust and other impurities. Free from war and explosives, shells, cartridges, other arms and ammunitions used or otherwise and any closed containers. Free from any radioactive materials, any harmful chemicals, substances, and coatings, any organic waste and any other harmful substances. Dirt, dust rust, fluff and other impurities not allowed over 1%.

Chemical Composition:
C:0.06 – 0.082%
Mn:0.75 – 1.05%
SI:0.13 – 0.28%
P: Max 0.035%
S: Max 0.045%
Ar: Max 0.15%


C0.06 – 0.082%
Mn0.75 – 1.05%
SI0.13 – 0.28%
PMax 0.035%
SMax 0.045%

HMS 1 – ISRI Code 200: heavy melting steel. Wrought iron and/or Steel scrap ¼ inch or steel scrap ¼ inch and over in thickness. Individual pieces not over 60 x 24 inches
HMS 1 – ISRI Code 201: heavy melting steel 3 feet x 18 inches. Wrought iron or steel scrap ¼
HMS 1 – ISRI Code 202: heavy melting steel 5 feet x 18 inches. Wrought iron or steel scrap ¼
HMS 2 – ISRI Code 203: heavy melting steel. Wrought iron or Steel scrap, Black and Galvanized.
1/8 inch and over in thickness, charging box size to include material not suitable as no.1 heavy melting steel.
HMS 2 – ISRI Code 204: same as ISRI 203 but max size 36×18 inches.
HMS 2 – ISRI Code 205: same as ISRI 204 but free of sheet iron or thin-gauged material.HMS 2 – ISRI Code 206: same as ISRI 204, but max size 60 x 18 inches

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