Brass Pipe Scrap (melon/ Pallu/ Pales)


Brass Pipe Scrap (melon/ Pallu/ Pales)

Brass Pipe Scrap (melon/ Pallu/ Pales). We dynamically populate our scrap metal prices directly from local scrap yards.

Our company is a South Africa based ferrous and non ferrous scrap company. We are direct from collecting, marketing, packing and trucking. We are looking for a serious and honest buyer to have a long and lasting business relationship. We have the following Ferrous Scrap & Non-Ferrous Scrap

-Non-Ferrous Scrap
1.Copper Scrap
Copper Millberry
Copper Berry/ Candy
Copper Birch/Cliff
Copper Utensils (Pots/Pans)
Copper Wire Rods in Coils
Copper Cables
Copper Motors
Fridge Compressors
Black Copper
Copper Ingots

HMS 1 & 2 Used Rail

2.Brass Scrap
Yellow Brass Scrap (Honey)
Gun Metal
Mixed Unsweated Auto Radiators (Ocean)
Brass Pipe (Melon/ Pallu/ Pales)
Brass Shell Cases Without Primers (Lake/Lace)
Brass Free Cutting Ingots
Brass Turnings (Night/Nomad)
Ship Breaking Yellow Brass
Red Brass Ebony Ingots
Ship Propellor (ALBC3 /Mn Bronze)
AB2 and/or ALBC3 Ingots

3.Aluminium Scrap
Aluminium Extrusion (6063)
Mill Finish Aluminium Extrusion (6063)
Aluminium Extrusion (6061)
Mill Finish Aluminium Extrusion (6061)
Aluminium (Taint/ Tabor)
Aluminium (Tense)
Aluminium Lithographic Sheets (1000 series)
Aluminium Alloy Wheels
Aluminium Used Beverage Cans (UBC)
Mixed Aluminium Turnings-6000 series (Turnings)
Mixed Aluminium Chips 6000 series (Telic)
New Pure Aluminium Wire and Cable (Talon)
Aluminium TAC
Aluminium Talk clean and with FE
Aluminium Punching Scrap

4.Stainless Steel Scrap
Grade 304
SS 304 pipes
Grade 201
Grade 316
Grade 430
Grade 321
High Nickel
Cupro Nickel 70/30
Cupro Nickel 90/10

5.Lead Scrap
Remelted Lead Ingots (Pb 97 – 99%)
Lead Cables
Lead Coils
Drained Whole Battery (Rains)
Soft Scrap Lead (Racks)
Remelted Soft Lead Ingots (Pb 99.5%)
Remelted Lead Sows (Pb 99.5%)
Remelted Soft Lead Pipes (Pb 99.5%)
Mixed Hard/Soft Scrap Lead (Radio)

6.Zinc Scrap
Old Zinc Die Cast Scrap (Saves)
Chrome Plated New Zinc
Zinc Ingots (HG/ SHG)
New Plated Zinc Die Cast Scrap (Scope)
Zinc Top/Bottom Dross (Seal/ Seam)
Zinc Dross Ingots (Scull)
Old Scrap Zinc (Score)
Old Scrap Zinc (Score)
Zinc Zamak

7.Silicon Scrap
Silicon Metals

8.Minerals and Coals
Magnetite Iron Ore

-Ferrous Scrap

Heavy Melting Steel Scrap – Middle East Origin (HMS 1)
Heavy Melting Steel Scrap – Europe Origin (HMS Bundle)
Heavy Melting Steel Scrap 80:20 – Middle East Origin (HMS 1&2)
Heavy Melting Steel Scrap 80:20 – Europe Origin (HMS 1&2)
Heavy Melting Steel Scrap 80:20 – South Africa Origin (HMS 1&2)
Ferrous PNS Plates
Re Bars
Steel Turning Scrap
Turnings and Borings with 3% impurities
LMS Bundles
Cold Rolled Bushlings scrap (Ungalvanized)
Shredded Scrap (ISRI grade 211)
Re-Rolling Scrap